Three community members got-together late 2011, and envisioned building a network of orphanage care system in the developing world with a standard far higher than existed. GOTAHS is a non-profit organization established with an objective to help orphaned and abandoned children and struggling individuals due to natural disaster & hunger in developing countries around the globe. GOTAHS foundation is created to assist orphans in the crisis they face on day to day basis because of non-existence of family protection– not because they lack material possessions. So to truly address this worldwide crisis, we must provide these orphans with their greatest human need – a family and education. So they can become successful individuals to live their lives with pride, honour, and dignity. GOTAHS Foundation is focused to utilize all the available resources within our reach. But we do not like to stop there, we know that the extended work GOTHAS planning to do requires support from our community in large. We know, together we can make the difference in our lives and then we can inspire others to extend their hands to join this growing organization to fulfill our unique dream. Remember you can’t change the world but you can brighten the lives of those do not have a future.

GOTAHS Approaches

Grants: The making of contributions and grants and otherwise rendering financial assistance for the organizations, after the board of directors has approved a grant to another organization for a specific purpose, the organization may solicit funds for the grant to the specifically approved project or purpose of the other organization. After the approval by the board of director’s grant shall be released to guarantor by GOTAHS, in the form of a 1 check or different installment check as approved by the board of directors. Programs: GOTAHS supports both the small home-based full care and community center-based family care of orphaned and abandoned children. GOTAHS stands emphatically against the institutionalization of children in dicksonian warehouses and prefers family care to full care. GOTAHS supports “Ending Orphanages Globally” in favor of children remaining with extended families. GOTAHS pays particular attention to the needs of orphans as they ‘age out’ of the programs it supports.

Corporate Diversity Council

GOTAHS's Corporate Diversity Council is chaired by Syed Washim Ali, MD and includes a cross section of individuals from across the organization. The purpose of the council is to convert the ideal of what we think our organization stands for into strategies that ensure that the ideal becomes reality. GOTAHS Corporate Diversity Council develops and maintains GOTAHS’s strategic plan for diversity and monitors the organizations progress. The council meets quarterly to review status and recommend actions. The council's strategic plan supports our members and partners relationship.